Broiled Lamb Loin Chops With Orzo Pilaf & Stuffed Mushrooms

I have a wonderful recipe for Crown Rack of Lamb. I want to put a nice herb crust on it and serve with a pecan stuffing of some sort in the center. Even plan on putting those little ‘crown’ hats on the bone tips. However, I have not as yet come across nice size racks that will suffice…only those that will vanquish with one bite. And for my family of men-folk, that just won’t do. I don’t even think they will consider those appetizers  :/    In any event, my best choice were some nice thick short loin chops for this recipe. But, you can bet your bottom-dollar that when I find a nice big meaty rack (a few), I’ll waste no time in getting into the kitchen. It’s in the plans!


Served with one of those lovely Seafood Crepes with Creamy Clam Sauce (from the previous post) made for a nice Surf-N-Turf

Of course steamed asparagus was a nice green accompaniment

To make this simple quick orzo pilaf, I began by sauteing chopped onion, roasted red bell pepper, and  chopped marinated artichokes in a few Tbsp of olive oil until the onions were translucent; then added chopped garlic

Added a cup or orzo, and sautéed that with until it was lightly browned

Added 2 cups of water (vegetable  or chicken broth will work fine also…even better),

Mixed well, added zucchini,  salt and pepper, brought to a boil, turned down to a simmer, covered and patiently waited

Yes, this should do it for my hungry bunch. <<Note to self–two packages next time around>> I have a pre-teen son and a teen son with growing appetites. And let us not forget Papa! I love feeding my men-folk however  🙂

The chops were marinated overnight in olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary, fresh chopped parsley, salt, cracked black pepper, just a touch of dried thyme, savory, and basil–just a touch

Had to get a closeup shot. On the rack ready for the broiler. Broiled on high, 4 inches below the flame for about 10 -15 minutes. I flipped them half way through. My goal was a nice medium rare,  and that was achieved. Is  there any other way to eat them?

Trimmed the asparagus, and simply steamed it. Oh how I luvagus asparagus

A little fresh rosemary garnish and dinner is served

Broiled Lamb Loin Chops With Orzo Pilaf

What to do with some of that Pilaf?? Stuff it in some mushrooms!!

I’m always thinking of things to stuff those shrooms with.

I took some of the orzo pilaf, added in some cream cheese, fresh chopped parsley, and a small can of crabmeat

Stuffed it into some portobello mushroom caps

Topped with a mixture of  shredded Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheese and into the  350 oven for about 20 minutes or so

And out of the oven. Hey, remember that song? Kind of went like this–“And into the middle, and out of the middle, and walk two, three, four.”  Forgive me…I digress. Thoughts lingered back to my Angell elementary school dance club days under the tutelage of Mrs. Lenovitz. She taught us a bevy of ethnic dances…ahhh..childhood memories OK, back to the shrooms

Mushroom Madness



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