Down Home Cookin’

What comprises a “down home” meal? Well I guess to different folks, it can be defined as different foods. Depends upon where you’re from or your relatives are from to a great extent. When I think of “down home” food and cooking, I think of the south– Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana  etc.  “Comfort food” as it’s called, because it sticks to your ribs and leaves you full and satisfied. With that in mind, here are just a few dishes that Mr. Hubbs fondly considers his “down home” meal.

However it’s always nice to start off with a salad, whether it’s ‘down home’ or not

We can go Greek…or

Keep it simple with a little grilled romaine lettuce with a few accompaniments

A nice plate of lima beans, purple hull peas, and black eye pea mix simmered with that hock should do it

Braised beef short ribs served with angel hair pasta for another meat selection

Or will braised oxtails tickle your fancy?

For greenery, a nice bowl of mustard and turnip greens topped with home-made chow-chow relish

Or perhaps collard greens is our choice

A nice pot of green beans cooked in smoked turkey legs will suffice

We’ll be needing some cornbreeaaadddd. The dark veins you see is where I added just a little brown sugar before baking. Off to the right, there are some sweet potatoes and red yams cooling from their ‘stay’ in the oven to make  candied yams

Oh let us not forget the okra! Don’t cha love okra? Sure you do…you don’t have one of those okra problems do you?

Parsnips, apples, and celery in a nice cream sauce

Macaroni and cheese topped with chopped bacon and Parmesan

Fried green tomatoes, can’t leave those out

Now we can’t have a good down home meal without fried chicken can we? Let’s season it a bit

While we’re at it, let’s season the flour as well

Drop it into the hot oil and,

…there we have it. Some folks around here like hot sauce with it. I prefer honey

A nice mash of potatoes will go nicely with that fried chicken

Might as well fry up some catfish tooMight as well fry up some catfish too

Add some of Ruby’s tartar sauce and its a go!

Oh that’s good catfish!

Goes mighty fine with a plate of spaghetti

Whenever I fry catfish or any other fish, 9 times out of 10, there will be fried oysters as well

Served with Ruby’s Tartar sauce also

Instead of fried chicken, how about beer-can chicken? Yes she’s propped up on 1/3 can of Budweiser that has garlic cloves, herbs, and spices in it

Or we can simply oven-roast that chicken-bird without the can

Did I hear someone talkin turkey? Turkey works!

But we must have dressing!

Now we can take it “wayyyy” down home if you like– “Chitlin Time”

There are some that do, some that don’t; some that will, some that won’t–told you we were going down south

Choose your heat

Add a little coleslaw

We’ll wrap it up with a few sweet potato pies

Well,  those are just a sample of some ‘down home’ dishes. Yours may comprise something totally different. Of course I don’t cook like this everyday, and as of late I try to eat a healthier diet, and cook that way for my family as well… but once in a while, we just have to go there.  🙂

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