Sage Chicken With Pearled Cous Cous And Creamed Swiss Chard

I oven roasted several chicken quarter pieces, but didn’t have room on the rack for one of them. I tried my best to squeeze it in there, but to no avail. So,  I decided to cook it on top of the stove in a small cast iron skillet with fresh sage, and this is what I came up with.

Nothing like fresh okra to round this plate off

The pearled cous cous was a very nice complement. Garnished with gourmet yellow tomatoes and fresh red tomato slices and fresh sage. The creamed Swiss Chard was prepared the same way you would prepare creamed spinach

So I threw my lone seasoned chicken quarter into a small cast iron skillet…seasoned with the usual suspects of garlic & onion powder, lemon pepper, garlic sea salt, and a touch of Kirkland’s organic seasoning

Flipped…oh that’s nice and golden!

Added onions, garlic, fresh sage and sautéed until those lovely aromas were released

Returned the chicken quarter to the pan along with a little more fresh garlic, several more fresh sage leaves, and a few lemon slices

Added a chicken broth, covered and simmered until done

Garlic and Herb Cous Cous, and creamed Swiss Chard from one of my garden vegetable boxes, and fresh okra

Sage Chicken With Pearled Cous Cous And Creamed Swiss Chard   Delicioso!

Sage nestled between leeks, chives, and hot chilies

Swiss Chard–the beginning…

I had a great crop of Swiss Chard this year…very good yield, and the ground hogs and rabbits didn’t seem to have an appetite for it…well not until a month ago, then the war was on! They think my yard is Ruby’s all night all you can eat buffet. Well, I have a plan for those little hungry critters next year

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