Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggplant With Basil Mayonaise

Each spring through out the years, with the planting of my garden, I’ve always looked forward to ONE crop especially above all others.  And that’s those nice big, plump green tomatoes. During the winter months and really around January and February, I start doing some “armchair” gardening. I begin ordering new seed catalogs and anticipating the ones I’m already subscribed to–to map out what veggies I want to plant.     The Joy of Seed/Gardening Catalogs!

Finally this year, Hubby got his major yard jobs completed, and I was able to get my veggies in like I’m used to– it was a late start, about mid July, but still, it was pretty good. My tomatoes are just beginning to put out some nice size green tomatoes. The ones I have fried thus far, mostly have been those given to me by close friends and family. But I have fried some from my own garden this year. In any event, this post is an “Ode to the Fried Green Tomato” with a little eggplant thrown in.

Oh the sweet taste of Fried Green Tomatoes!

Capers “pop” with a mouth-watering tangy goodness

Garnished with fresh basil. The eggplant were gifts to us from the garden of some very close friends

Simply coated with corn meal with a little salt and freshly cracked black pepper. The basil mayo was quite easy as well. Just a little Hellman’s, pepper, and fresh basil processed in my mini chopper with just a touch of olive oil to make it fluid. Taste test to your basilicious liking

Thai basil nestled between sage, leeks and chives. I didn’t use the Thai basil, just regular basil for this recipe

This is from 2007. It was late fall and the weather was really getting cold, and I was forced to gather up all of the green tomatoes. My crop this year was not as productive as this one…that year saw a bumper crop in tomatoes. I’ll always remember my tomatoes from 2007 and incidentally a majority of the plants were given to us by some very good friends–   Bill & Avis–much appreciated

Some of the veggies from our good friends mentioned at the out-set. The eggplants are under there somewhere. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…its good to have great friends!

Another great friend built the raised beds, now all was needed was the soil

Hey the soil was delivered…had to get my boys to get ta shovelin! I’m looking forward to next years garden as I’ll plant on time and extend my gardening area in another part of the yard. Yes, its time to get back to a full garden of vegetables. And of course I’ll have to find a way to effectively deal with the critters who make my yard their regular stop. They think my boxes are Ruby’s All Night Buffet–All You Can Eat!

This little guy and other members of his family totally decimated my string beans and cauliflower. They had help from the groundhog family as well. Well (in my Jack Benny voice)–we’ll see about that next year!

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