Simple Sunday Dinner

Growing  up, Sunday was always the day to have the “big” Sunday dinner. This was the day that all the stops were pulled out and the feast was on. And of course this carried over to my own customs as it was ingrained to do so. So, most Sundays, I’ll cook up a big pot of this, a big pan of that, a long-awaited for meat that wasn’t eaten so often, and a few sides to sooth the food craves. However, as of late, I’ve sort of gotten away from the “big Sunday dinners” and opted for more simple, fast courses that still fill the ‘crave’ and leave the family happy. Most often, quick and simple serves up better. Although I still get in that “big Sunday dinner” mode, I’m not so obligated to stick to that custom so much. Yes, there will be those big dinners in the future–not necessarily limited to Sunday, but easy-going suits me just fine.

My Simple Sunday Dinner

consisted of

Herb-Baked Chicken with Rice & Carrots, Steamed Brussel Sprouts, and sautéed Spinach

Over plain white rice

I seasoned the chicken with various spices and herbs–onion powder, garlic powder, Kirkland’s no salt seasoning, paprika, garlic sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, dried rosemary, fresh rosemary, fresh sage and parsley. Laid the chicken on a bed of onions, chopped garlic, and celery in a roaster, sprinkled a chopped garlic and onion on top, added no liquids, covered and baked for about 2 hours and 20 minutes at 350. when it was just about done, I added slivered carrots on top and continued to cook until they were done.

Out of the oven…

For the spinach, I sautéed chopped shallots and garlic in 2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil for 3 to four minutes, then added the baby spinach, stirred in and covered–stirring to mix from time to time until the spinach was nicely wilted. For the brussel sprouts I sautéed garlic in a pot for a double boiler until it was fragrant, then added the steaming liquid (water in this instance), place the sprouts in the top part of the boiler and steamed until very tender… and that was my quick, Simple Sunday Dinner!

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