Braised Short Ribs & Speckled Butter Beans

I seem to do short ribs quite often as of late. These tender morsels are becoming a mainstay in my kitchen it seems. Whenever we venture to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit, it’s inevitable that we’ll end up in Gratiot Market, and we just can’t seem to pass up the short ribs and oxtails without coming home with a bag of each.

Add a slice of hot cornbread and it’s a done deal

So very, very tender

As usual, the short ribs were seasoned with salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, Kirkland’s organic no-salt seasoning and dried rosemary. Then seared in a very hot cast iron skillet

After the short ribs were seared and removed from the pan–in went sliced onion, and chopped celery (leaves included)–

Added fresh rosemary and sauteed these as those tasty bits were scraped up from the bottom of the skillet

After the onions were opaque, in went the chopped garlic. Continued to cook for several more minutes to let the garlic diffuse its flavors. I can tell you this–the aroma was awesome with the rosemary lending its bouquet of olfactory-pleasing ‘perfume’

The short ribs were placed back into the skillet over the onions & company

Added the beef broth covering about 2/3 of the short ribs. We don’t want to cover them completely with the liquid, just bring it to the top. Of course, salt & pepper to taste

Added a few more onion slices on top along with fresh rosemary, two bay leaves,  another pinch of dried rosemary, and more fresh chopped garlic…I Love Garlic!  Covered the skillet tightly with aluminum foil, placed the lid on top, and then she went–into a 350 F oven for just about 3 hours.

Served with white rice that was sprinkled with a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes — I must have that little spicy kick! Topped the rice with a tomato slice on top

The speckled butter beans were cooked with smoked turkey for a nice flavor, and went great with a nice slice of hot cornbread. Added scallions and fresh parsley to garnish

Onions from the braising liquid—my, my my…

Braised Short Ribs & Speckled Butter Beans

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