Mussels and Fiesta Fettuccine

There’s only so long I can go until I have to settle my crave for mussels. I was thinking of having them in a nice spicy curried broth, but on the other hand, I wanted just to keep it simple and have them with a little pasta–that idea won out. But the next time I get my “mussel crave”– you better believe it will be in a nice curried ‘stew.’

Served with fiesta fettuccine

With a sprinkle of Asiago cheese, and a pinch for red pepper flakes to give me a little ‘fiery kick’

Scrub and get rid of those beards

Just a simple saute of garlic and shallots, a little fresh cracked black pepper in olive oil

In go the mussels. Stirred them around a bit with the garlic and shallots, then added a nice white wine and steamed

They had no choice but to surrender

Come to Moma

Mussels & Pasta

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