Mushrooms Stuffed With Italian Sausage

Normally, when I cook stuffed mushrooms, the first thing I think about is stuffing them with crab, shrimp, clams…or some other seafood. It’s no secret that I love seafood, but I decided to go a different route today, and chose sweet Italian sausage, which I really don’t use unless I’m thinking Spaghetti or some other dish of Italian flavor. Or perhaps grilling them of course. So this was a nice variation on stuffing those shrooms.

Served with Mushroom & Herb Couscous

 Clean the mushrooms, remove the stems and give them a fine chop

 Scoop out the caps. Whisk  3 Tbsp olive oil  with 3 Tbsp red wine, coat the caps with it….let it marinate…

Brown the Italian sausage, I used 4–casings removed

Browned nicely, now add those chopped mushroom stems, cook for a few minutes more

In go our finely chopped scallions—1 cup

Add the chopped garlic–3 cloves, salt and pepper to taste, mix….cook to infuse those wonderful flavors, about 4 minutes

Add 2/3 cup Panko bread crumbs. I simply love  Japanese bread crumbs. They’re very lite and beneficial, adding body and binding to many dishes calling for bread crumbs. We want to stir those in well

Mascarpone cheese–about 5 ounces, stir in to get a nice creamy goodness, remove from heat when it’s melted through

Add about a Tbsp or more of Parmesan, and 3 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

Our mushroom caps are all stuffed, and ready to enter the preheated oven–325–for about 30 minutes or until there’s a little crisp on the sausage and breadcrumbs

30 minutes later

Garnished with a few slices of roasted red bell pepper on that bed of mushroom & herb couscous

Mushrooms stuffed with Italian Sausage

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