Stuffed Bell Peppers

When purchasing your bell peppers, look for good color and sheen. They should be smooth with firm sides. This is also a good way to serve leftover meats in a fresh way. Of course the options are endless in what to stuff those peppers with.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Sauteed garlic, onion, bell peppers (yes, stuffing the peppers with some peppers), celery in olive oil

Added fresh chopped spinach

Threw in some Jasmine rice–the aromatics were quite nice—sauteed for about 5 minutes

Poured in one can of chicken broth and simmered until the rice was done.

All done, added a pinch of sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper and a few other seasonings

Browned some ground turkey with bell pepper, onions, garlic, celery with a dash of Italian seasonings, salt, pepper

Yes, that looks good

To the turkey, added 1/2 of the seasoned (with a little sugar, Italian season, fresh garlic) stewed tomatoes.

Added a little sour cream & cream cheese. Let it simmer so everything comes together nicely

Added the jasmine rice

Got a few bell peppers, washed thoroughly

Cut the tops off, seeds and veins out. Save those tops to use for a nifty cover later

Placed them in a baking dish with the remaining stewed tomatoes and stuffed with the turkey/rice mixture

Added a dab of cream cheese. It’s the cream cheese that’s going to add a nice flavor

Baked until peppers were nice and tender and topped with grated cheddar cheese and fresh parsley

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