I Love Oysters!

I wish I could fully convey to you how much I love Oysters…sigh…almost brings a tear to my eyes.

You can pan fry them, grill them, broil them, fricassee them, Oysters Casino (no clams don’t have a monopoly on that dish), Rockefeller, add them to stuffing, put them in soups & stews, smoke them, of course, eat them on the half shell with a fresh lemon juice…put them in just about any dish…shall I go on?

And—let us not forget those precious gems–pearls, that are produced within some saltwater oysters. My motto is–every women needs a nice string of pearls to adorn her neck.

When you buy oysters with shells, make sure the shells are tightly clamped together, indicating they are  still alive. Let’s shuck some oysters. Use a blunt-ended knife, preferably an oyster knife. Insert the end of the knife between the shells near the hinge and work it until you cut through the muscle that holds the shells together. Catch the oyster liquor in a bowl. When the oysters are all shucked, strain the liquor through a muslin before setting aside to use in sauces.

If you desire to eat them on the half shell –the pure and perfect way to eat an oyster is to have it fresh, raw, and alive, with at most, a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Just  place them in the deep half of each shell and serve with lemon juice and wedges. Clean, briny, and tender, they are the perfect first course, preparing the palate for the meal to follow.

A little brief history:

Oysters have a long history on this continent; ancient Indian settlements have been located because their inhabitants left heaps of empty oyster shells behind. Oysters vary in size from the tiny western Olympias to the huge Japanese variety. On the East Coast, Maryland’s Chincoteagues are famous.

The aroma of freshly shucked oysters is awesome….Love on a platter right there

Pan Fried Oysters—my little tasty snack that I made this evening.  With Mushroom Ravioli

Little morsel of tasty goodness. Lightly breaded and delicately (if I can use such a descriptive term) fried

Served with Rubyz Tartar Sauce

We can throw’em between a nice bread bun and have a good’ol Oyster Po’Boy Sandwich

Whenever I venture downtown, stopping in Tom’s Oyster Bar is a must

Fried Oysters from Tom’s Oyster Bar– Very lightly breaded and perfectly fried

Delectable from my Kitchen

Just fried tonight….can’t stay away too long

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