Breakfast To Get the Day Started

Let’s begin our day shall we…

Constructing of the Over-Sized Vegetable and Seafood Omelet

I have some huge appetites over here and sometimes I just have to do things BIG

Our ingredients. I used 5 eggs with a little milk whisked in and various herbs

Chopped all the veggies and threw them into the pan–zucchini, squash, red and yellow bell pepper, onions

In go the mushrooms after the veggies have softened a tad

Oh that looks so good

Now for the eggs. Melted a pad (or two) of butter in a non-stick pan

Herbed eggs–parsley, basil, chives, pepper, dash of salt

Get the seafood going in another pan

At this point I would flip this, but sometimes I leave the flip out…time to add our veggies

Nice and neat down the middle

Topped with the seafood

A little cream cheese and shredded cheddar

And fold her over

Time to make the Hollandaise Sauce. In a stainless steel pan, over a pot of boiling water (be careful not to get too close to the heat of the water. Adjust your distance as necessary) whisk together the parsley (I used dried herbs here), pinch of red pepper flakes,  fresh cracked black pepper, dash of salt, and a dash of hot sauce if you so desire.

And we whisk away continuously. You’ll get a nice wrist workout while you’re at it. Remember,–don’t linger too long too close to the heat, or you’ll have scrambled eggs. Whisk for several minutes until the eggs have a nice creamy consistency

Add in our melted butter (1 stick–the foam has been poured off to clarify it), and whisk some more, then add 3 Tbsp of fresh lemon juice and blend that in

Pour that over our Over-Stuffed Omelet. Garnish with scallions and chopped tomatoes, some toast, orange juice and let’s have breakfast

Cut in half…it was quite enough for me and Hubby. However, he got the bigger piece


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